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Blockchain’s meaning and the brand names inspired by it

09.14.17 Posted in Naming blog by

Blockchain’s meaning originally comes with block chain. It’s a continuously growing list of records, called blocks. The block are linked and secured using cryptography. Each block contains typically a hash pointer as a link to a previos block, a timestamp and transaction data. By design, blockchains are inherently resistant to modification of the data. Functionally, […]

Five interesting facts about the Tesla naming

08.15.17 Posted in Naming blog by

Recently Tesla become the 4th most valuable car company in the world. Therefore, we decided to pay close attention to the interesting facts around the company’s name. Who picked the names? How it was chosen? What kind of naming trend has been started? Find out! 1. Elon Musk didn’t choose the name “Tesla” Elon Musk […]

The secret story of 5 famous brand names

07.10.17 Posted in Naming blog by

The world of brands is full of stories about naming. We love to collect such stories and present it to you regularly. Today we have a selection of 5 (probably secret) stories, which we bet will be interesting for you to read. So here we start: Panera Panera is a brand of sandwiches in the […]

Iceland vs Iceland, government vs tradermark

01.25.17 Posted in Naming blog by

One of the most unusual and recent brand battle started when Iceland’s government undertook legal actions against a British supermarket that used its name. The motivation for taking this caution is to ensure the right of Icelandic companies to use the word “Iceland” in the naming of their brands in order to highlight the origin […]

4 everyday words that origin as brand naming

05.17.16 Posted in Naming blog by

Many words that we use in our everyday life were at first used as brand names. Eventually they turned into generic terms and this is probably the dream of every new brand. However, some brands don’t like that their name is used in a broader aspect than designed. That’s why we decided to discuss 4 brand […]

4 Mash-Up Brand Namings Explained

05.13.16 Posted in Naming blog by

One of the most popular trends in the brand naming is the mash-up naming. When we have two or three names that describe a brand and combine them together, then we have a mash-up name. Using the mash-up formula trends in the brand naming the last few years, because the pop culture is using this […]

Top 3 of Our Favorite Spanglish Brand Naming

03.29.16 Posted in Naming blog by

During our recent naming hunt in the internet we found some really funny Spanglish brand naming. For places like USA it’s a common practice to name your brand with words, that will relate to both native Americans and immigrants. It’s vice versa for tourist destinations like Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, Mexico, etc. to name their brands […]

4 Weird Brand Names To Analyze

02.19.16 Posted in Naming blog by

The world archive of unusual brand names is thick and we love to dig in it. In our recent hunt for weird brand names, we chose 4 champions that will either inspire you or… depress you :) Depending on your viewpoint. The list starts with: Spotted Dick Spotted Dick is the name of a British […]

“Marlboro M” Is The Name Of 2016’s Most Anticipated Brand*

11.16.15 Posted in Naming blog by

2016 is probably going to be US’s most significant year in the legal marijuana market by far. The world’s largest tobacco manufacturer Philip Morris is about to start producing marijuana cigarettes. The new product is going to be named “Marlboro M”**. We all know what the M stands for and this is one really smart […]

The Landmarks Based Naming Scheme of Apple’s OS X

11.09.15 Posted in Naming blog by

OS X Maverick put the beginning of a new naming scheme for Apple. El Capitan is the name of the latest OS update and follows the California landmark-based naming trend of the company. The name is highlighting the meaning of improvements and refinements that the update is bringing to the OS. What is El Capitan […]