2016 is probably going to be the US’s most significant year in the legal marijuana market by far. The world’s largest tobacco manufacturer Philip Morris is about to start producing marijuana cigarettes. The new product is going to be named “Marlboro M”**. We all know what the M stands for and this is one really smart and safe move for naming such a product.

Marlboro M will be marketed with the help of Miley Cyrus, Snoop Dog, Wiz Khalifa and other significant names, related to the marijuana legislation movements in the States. Since tobacco products are banned in advertisements and promotions, Philip Morris Co. has set aside $75 billion advertising budget to promote the new brand in TV, radio and festivals. One word: WOW.

Behind the name

The formula is simple. Take a popular and well-recognized cigarettes brand name like Marlboro, combine it with a letter that was widely used in slang as a referring to marijuana and you get a relevant name that is going to speak to its audience. This is a good of example of how a simple combination between an already established brand name and a single letter could stand for a new product and make it different from the mother name.

Marlboro Cigarettes Brand Naming Agency

The controversy that usually surrounds legal marijuana products makes it hard for a marketer to wrap creative touch in the brand’s naming. That’s why when it comes to naming products that contain stigmatised substances, it’s probably better to stick to simple naming formulations. However, creative mind is not enough in order to choose safe and successful name. Education and experience in brands are tools that can guide you in the process of naming.

Marijuana Cigarettes Brand Naming Agency

Brand naming is not a lonely business. This is why using the help of professional services of brand naming agency is a smart choice and should be considered before calling the last shot in naming a product. Especially when this products could be easily stigmatised by the public.

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* “Most anticipated brand” is the editor’s subjective definition of ‘Marlboro M”‘s launch and shall not be considered as a definition of any official statistics.

**”Marlboro M” will be for sale only in states where its legal – Colorado and Washington State.