If you want to get high – start with the name.

Inventing Names for You & Your Business



  • Finding a perspective name for your future child (minimum 3 name proposals, min. 30 hours of work)
  • Finding a recognizable .com domain name for your personal page
  • Finding a name for your personal project



* We do not engage with buying domain names or other products, related with the newly invented names. Pricing is only for name research, client presentation and consulting.


Pricing Model

The pricing model is based on a hour rate. Hence the hour numbers above.
The hour rate price depends on the deadline & the current load of work. Think in terms of quality digital services price-range.
We charge 50% advance payment and 50% on delivery.
Payment is done via PayPal or Bank Transfer.

Get current pricing and let us know about your project via  this form.