There is a certain category of extremely popular brands and usually they are a subject of discussions. That inevitably leads to speculation about the real story behind their names. That’s why we decided to shed light over the real truth behind three popular brand names.

Do you know that Pepsi’s name is inspired by a medical term for indigestion?

Caleb Davis Bradham, who is the inventor of Pepsi first wanted to be a doctor. However, due to family reasons he had to leave the medical school and take the path to becoming a pharmacist instead. At least that’s the story what the website of the company tells.

The original invention that later turned into Pepsi was firstly named “Brad’s Drink”. It was a mix of sugar, water, caramel, lemon oil and nutmeg. Three years later Bradham’s muse came to inspire him to rename the drink’s name to “Pepsi Cola” that comes from the word for indigestion – dyspepsia.

All Day I Dream About Soccer = Adidas?

Turns out there is a breathing common misconception that Adidas is an acronym for “All Day I Dream About Soccer”. It’s wrong. The real answer is only a quick google search away – the apparel brand is wearing the name of Adolf Dassler, who is the founder of Adidas and according to information in the mainstream media he starts making sport shoes when he is coming home from serving in World War I. The first part of the brand‘s name – Adi stands as a nickname for Adolf and Das is the first three letters of the founder’s family name.

Lululemon in a non-sense name and is intentionally hard to pronounce.

Chip Wilson, who is the founder of the yoga-wear brand Lululemon choose the name because of a very interesting reason – he wanted it to sound international for the Japanese market. The simple reason behind that motivation is that the Japanese people cannot pronounce the sound of the letter „L” since it is not in the Japanese phonetics. So the Japanese consumers were left with the sense that the brand is something authentically foreign. So the only roots the brand name Lululemon has are in the motivations of the founder to set three Ls in the name’s letters. According to insiders the choice for the brand’s name was taken from a list of 20 brand names and 20 logos by a group of hundred people.

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