Part of being a truly smart person is to know which name is the right one at a given time.

Naming Team

HighNames Naming Team

  • Hrista Raleva / Archaeologist by education, naming specialist by interest
  • German Ralev / Engineer by occupation, naming specialist by interest
  • Tzvetana Raleva / Philologist by occupation, naming specialist by interest
  • Margarit (Mark) Ralev / Brand consultant by occupation, naming specialist by interest
  • Alexandra Raleva / Brand designer by occupation, naming specialist by interest



As you can see  – at this point it’s a family business initiative. It all started with Mark’s brand design company a few years back and the necessity of finding good names for all the clients’ projects, brands, products and domain names. In order to focus and further develop the naming services HighNames was created in 2010.

Why us

Working with a team with different fields of interest, age, gender and way of thinking is a great advantage. All the members of HighNames are knowledgeable and have passion to learn new things all the time. This is crucial for the naming business.

Naming Process

  • Listen and learn about the ideas of the client
  • Initial category research
  • Generation of initial naming concepts (internal team work)
  • Secondary research based on the generated names
  • Focus on secondary naming components: recognizable .com domain name and available social profile addresses
  • Alignment of ambition with legal options (check register-free options)
  • Naming Presentation
  • Process of selection (client’s team)


Time frame

In order to deliver original and relevant to the project naming proposals – a minimum amount of work hours need to be set. Our team believes that the most optimized process time-wise is not less than 40 hours. Of course – the elements of research, naming generation and number of proposals could be extended – hence the option for different Naming Packages.
Also keep in mind that these 40 hours are spread among 2 working weeks for the purpose of processing and ripening / maturing of the names.


Pricing depends on the clients needs, the size of the market, the project ambition, but also from the urgency. For example Express Naming Orders cost slightly more than the regular ones. Bilingual tasks are also a key pricing factor.
So how much does a professional naming cost ? Send a brief via this inquiry form and we will get in touch. It’s that simple.