Another year is over, a new one just began. But in the world of brand naming 2017 isn’t over, until we discuss the product names that debuted and are definitely here to stay. Some of the trends have deeper roots than others, but they are in our list because 2017 is the year when they became more obvious to us. We can’t wait to talk about what 2018 holds for brand naming trends, but first things first.

The adjective + company naming

The Boring Company

One of Elon Musk’s projects bears the name The Boring Company. It’s clear that Elon was being ironic when he chose the name for his tunnel-construction idea. Aside the irony in the naming, The Boring Company reflects a deeper trend that appeared recently – the simple use of a common adjective + “company”. You may already had a hint of Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company. The Boring Company is resembles this naming formula and moreover, both companies came up with a bold mission that is expected to turn into a long journey.

The straightforward naming with poetic sound


Voyage is the name of a self-driving taxi company. What we have here is again something simple – a word that clearly describes the activity of the company. Of all the possible words like ride, drive, etc. they choose probably the most poetic one – Voyage. This specific word suggests something more than the action – it reminds of an adventure, of exploring.


Token is a new product that is a biometric-based piece of jewellery. It can function as a wallet, key or a flash drive. The meanings of token are different, depending on the context of the word. Its poetic nature allows the imagination to interpret the word as a payment method, as a protection password, a talisman and so on. The main idea is that token itself is a symbolic word that can be used to signify more that one meaning. It serves as a metaphor for the product’s ability to evolve beyond just one single use. Poetic, but accurate as well.

Naming that says less in order to say more


What’s a clever way to name a modern online store that sells everything from food to cosmetics? Brandless. It means that the store is so universal that you can find everything you need in it, not just specific brands. The naming stands for the need of the consumers to shop without limitation. In case you want to start a business that offers variety of products and you think that this is going to win you more sales, then you can definitely think about naming your brand within this trend. Let’s say you want to open a general store in your town? It this case names like Limitless, Brandless, etc, would be a good go.

Two words naming that’s funny and serious

Hound Labs

Giving the fact that recently the use of recreational marijuana became more liberal, it was a matter of time before someone creates an innovation based on the idea of marijuana breathalyzer manufacturing. In 2017 the police’s new favorite product – Hound Labs, appeared on the market. It is a device that analyses the breath for recent marijuana use. The naming’s story is clear – when it comes about sniffing, the hound is one of the most obvious associations. It’s funny to link the marijuana use with the image of a breath sniffing hound. The Labs in the name suggests the more serious nature of the product. A perfect example of how to approach naming when you want the product to have a light sense of humor and remain serious at the same time.

Have you observed different trends in brand naming in your country or your industry? Share with us in the comments. And if you need professional brand naming service that reflects the global trends, contact us.