The stories of brands that changed their naming are very important, because they give a lot of information about how a brand is perceived before and after a major change. The comparing of the periods before and after the change of naming of big brands gives valuable data to analyse. Hopefully this data can help small brands and new businesses to make the best decisions about the naming of their own stuff – whether they need a renaming, or should think in particular direction for naming. The possible scenarios are hundreds and if you don’t have the time to analyse and research, you can always ask for help service for brand naming.

1. Sci Fi channel became SyFy

In 2009 NBC Universal took the decision to change the name of their Sci Fi channel in order to broaden its audience. The change in the name is not a major one. The phonetic sound of the old name is entirely kept in the new one, the only change in the name is the lettering  – Sci Fi became SyFy. One of the big perks of the new name is the opportunity to be copyrighted.

syfy logo brand naming

2. Stag Party became Playboy

You know Playboy. The most popular magazine for men. It is curios the the magazine was almost named differently. Hugh Hefner who created Playboy said that he originally intended to name the magazine “Stag Party”. However, before the publishing of the first issue Hefner was notified by Stag magazine that the name “Stag Party” wold be copyright infringement. Therefore he had to change the name. That’s when Playboy came. And obviously – stayed.

playboy brand naming change

3. Confinity became PayPal

The interesting word Confinity is what was the first name of Paypal. It is the merging of the of two words – confidence and infinity. The renaming of the company later to Paypal was a decision that resulted the developing of a demo that allowed people to email payments.

4. Kraft became Mondelez

Kraft changed its name to Mondelez around the time they laucnhed their cookies business. When they announced the renaming, they also sent a guide to the media, that instructed everyone how to pronounce the new name – “mohn-dah-leez”. The meaning of the new name is connected with the idea for “sweet/declisious world”. Monde is the Latin word for “workd” and “delez” is resembling the word “delicious”, but in more fancy way.