Volkswagen is a brand that in the recent years reached big independence for the regional decision-making around the world. A good example for this is the naming of VW Atlas which was an effort for mass-appeal to American costumers.

Originally the model was supposed to named “Teramont”, following the T-trend for the SUV models. But after the change the new name gives more understanding because even the children can give an explanation about Atlas’s meaning. It already is one of the iconic model names of the brand. That’s why we’re here to remind you of other iconic VW car model names.

VW Beetle

The first printed use of the name Beetle was in a 1958 publication of Autosport magazine. It took years for Volkswagen to start using this name. It was 1967 when the company officially started referring to the Type One model as “Beetle”, written with inverted commas. So it basically means that VW Beetles is named by the people, not by the company. That’s why it’s a good and important example for brand naming.

VW Scirocco

VW Scirocco is a sport model VW. “Sirocco” is the name of a hot and powerful wind from Sahara that goes northeast across the Mediterranean Sea. What better name would fit a sport coupe than that of a powerful and hot atmospheric move?


Back in 2009 before the official launch of the Tiguan model, Volskwagen polled the people about the name of their new SUV model. A local automotive magazine made the poll with its readers an there was a shortlist with names such as Namib, Rockton, Samun, Nanuk and the lucky winner Tiguan. Apparently the meaning of Tiguan was a mix with the German words for tiger and iguana. That puts Tiguan in the category of animal-named car models.

And last but not least:


Atlas is named after the Greek titan who held up the world on his shoulders. It’s a great metaphor since this model is has seven seats for passengers. For big families it really is the world. You can’t not love this name choice.

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