Yes, this is one of the name services we offer.

hunting for clever domain name for an existing brand that is not yet taken
( minimum 3 proposals, min. 10 hours of work and research )

Here’s a more in-depth explanation what this service is about. Let’s say you want to create a new site, where you want to sell your newly invented product ( a book, a plastic trash, interior furniture, knitted scarf … basically – everything you want to promote and sell to people  ). The next few steps will be to : open your browser > type “” > see what will happen > you’ll discover it’s busy – there’s someone’s site there already > type another name that you find suitable > the domain name will be taken again > you’ll find a third name > it will be taken again… and if you are tough person – you’ll try a few more times. Then you’ll make the conclusion that this thing is like picking a nickname in a free mail provider -all the cool nicknames are already taken. So what ? I’ll just type something. After all the domain name address will be written on my business card. There’s no way people will mistype it. Actually it’s cool if it’s long, hard to write, pronounce and remember. Well… not exactly.

What you’ll do if you hire us is to:

  • save your personal time
  • give this task to people that are dealing with tasks like this all the time
  • minimize the risk of giving the wrong domain name of your best future brand
  • provide a small focus group that will discretely think over your problem without the need of asking other people that might endanger your marketing strategy
  • receive second opinion ( after all you are free to pick whatever works for you – you are not obliged to accept our advice and name proposals )
  • invest small amount of money that will multiply after some time ( investing in good domain names is like investing in land property  )
  • provide focus on a crucial moment for your young brand
  • gain new information
  • insure your future marketing strategy

A domain name is always easy to pick, but not always easy to bear.