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Visa corporate naming explained

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Visa Inc is one of those corporations that have evolved from the original idea. Launched back in 1958 as Bank Americard by the Bank of America (BofA) the founders obviously didn’t think the credit card program would become as internationally renowned as it has become through time. Otherwise they wouldn’t go for a corporate naming that is (or at least […]

What is the name origin of the Ray-Ban brand?

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Let’s talk about accessories.  As with every product there are many companies and brands offering similar products on the market, but some brands are more popular than others. When talking about high-quality sunglasses this is Ray-Ban. This brand is one of the most popular in the world, never fading out of style. However, what I […]

Audi and Volvo – the Latin origin of the car company names

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Let’s get back to the car business. We know a lot of the car companies are named after their founders – the trend was spread worldwide from the earliest electric automobiles. These include Ford (after Henry Ford), Peugeot (after the Peugeot family), also later Bentley (after Walter Owen Bentley), Porsche (after Ferdinand Porsche). The trend […]

Zippo lighters – the company name origin

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Do you smoke? No? Well, even if you aren’t, there a big chance at least one of the four people next to you to be a smoker. That’s what the infographic from kick.it states – 1 out of every 5 people smoke. The infographic was published in 2012, so I assume this info may be from […]

Bokeh effect – word origin and meaning

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Bokeh is a very interesting photographic effect that shows up on those parts of a photo that are out-of-focus. Usually, the effect is visible for photos with small Depth of field or shallow focus. When an object is on focus and everything else is not, the part of the photo that is outside the depth […]

How do hurricanes get named? Naming system explained here!

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Hurricanes are a bad thing – everyone knows that. But they are also exciting. And they have pretty names. Have you wondered why hurricanes get mostly female names? Just a hint – it has nothing to do with the women’s temper that may be associated with a forthcoming storm ; ) Joke aside, today tropical […]

Newsflash: Rolls-Royce release new 2013 Wraith model

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I can only assume everyone has heard of Rolls-Royce, right? What is now the Rolls-Royce Group PLC was originally founded as Rolls-Royce Limited back in 1906. Until now I haven’t mentioned the company’s name origin in any of the previous articles because the naming is quite simple. The company name originates from the family names of […]

Top 10 – popular dog names and their meaning

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Naming your baby may be the most important naming project of your life but how often do you get the chance to do that? On the other hand, people get new pets all the time and have the freedom to name their pet any way they want. Of course, there are trends in naming as […]

Naming news: moons of Pluto got names – Vulcan is not fictional anymore!

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You know how there are naming contests for various stuff – company naming, product naming, dog naming, even baby naming? Well, a few days ago, on February 25th, a new naming contest was won. However, it was not an ordinary competition as the naming concerned the two newest moons of Pluto – P4 and P5. […]

Where does the Dom Pérignon brand name come from?

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Everyone has a glass (or bottle?) of bubbly every now and then, right? Today the alcoholic beverage has become a symbol of celebration – you drink it on anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, New Year etc. But don’t confuse sparkling wine with Champagne – as most of people know nowadays, Champagne is a type of bubbly wine, produced […]