During our recent naming hunt in the internet we found some really funny Spanglish brand namings. For places like the USA it’s a common practice to name your brand with words, that will relate to both native Americans and immigrants. It’s the same for tourist destinations like Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, Mexico, etc. to name their brands with words that will relate not only to the local native Hispanics, but to English speaking tourists as well. And so, here is our top 3 of Spanglish names we found.

Juan in a Million

Our top favorite is the “Juan in a million” restaurant. In short, the place offers Mexican food on American land. Opened first in 1984, the brand has since expanded itself to a winning franchise all across the country. Its name is a funny Spanglish phrase “Juan in a million” that playfully gives a Spanish touch to “one in a million”.

spanglish brand naming

Picture: Juan in a million website


The easiest way to give an English sound to you brand’s name is to add an “-ing” suffix to it. That’s what the Barcelona based Vueling company did. The Spanish translation of “flight” is “vuelo”, and since Vueling is a company for flight reservations, it is a very relevant naming choice. We like it and we definitely think it’s likeable for their customers too.


The -ing formula is really appealing not only to the guys from Vueling. Bicing is another Barcelona-based company that uses the Spanglish combination “bicileta” (English bicycle) + “-ing”.

If you need a name for you brand that must relate to different language groups, but you have difficulties with thinking of something relevant, then we will be glad to offer you our naming services. Contacts us and tell us more about your brand.
Do you have your own top three of funny Spanglish brand names? Share in the comments.