One of the most popular trends in the brand naming is the mash-up naming. When we have two or three names that describe a brand and combine them together, then we have a mash-up name. Using the mash-up formula trends in the brand naming the last few years, because the pop culture is using this method to call things from relation ships between celebrities to relationships between political allies. That’s why  we selected 4 brands with mash-up names, which meanings we explained below.


ArbysBrand Naming

Arby’s is a spectacular example in the mash-up genre of brand naming. What does this name means? Simply: R.B.’s. What the R and B are standing for? Leroy and Forrest Raffel are brothers who in 1964 opened their first restaurant. The R in “Arby’s” is for the family names and the B is standing for Brothers.


Garmin brand naming

Garmin is a popular GPS brand. It is named after the names of the company’s founders. Gary Burrell + Dr. Min Kao = Garmin. The company’s name stand for the team that founded it.



If you’re a fan of the jelly sweets, then read carefully. One of the world’s favorite sweets brand’s name is a curious mash up between the name of the company’s founder and its headquarter. Hans Riegel is the man who founded the company and Bonn is Haribo’s hometown. If you didn’t do the math by yourself so far: Ha + Ri + Bo is standing for Haribo.



The National Biscuit Company is the former name of Nabisco. The current naming is a mash-up from the old name.

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