The world archive of unusual brand names is thick and we love to dig in it. In our recent hunt for weird brand names, we chose 4 champions that will either inspire you or… depress you :). Depending on your viewpoint.

The list starts with:

Spotted Dick

Spotted Dick is the name of a British pudding that is cooked with fried fruits. The brand’s name is questioned often because of the unusual choice of words that consist it. While there is a clear explanation of “Spotted” – the dried fruits look like spots, it remains a mystery what “Dick” is standing for. Since we like mysteries, we believe that dick was a short way to call “pudding” centuries ago. The theory is based on the pronunciation of the word “pudding”. It’s history probably evolved from puddick-puddin-pudding. Few years back the company wanted to rename its brand on “Spotted Richard”. However, the historical value of the name probably beats the contemporary amusement of its sound in some ways, and so far “Spotted Dick” remains.

Spotted Dick

Breast Munchies

Breast munchies is the name of a popular oven-cooked meal. The sound is weird and probably was chosen because of its humorous nature, since the product is made from 100% chicken breast. It may be weird, but it’s surely a funny name too.

Manforce Condoms

Manforce is the name of an Indian condoms brand. It’s probably the most metaphorical brand name for condoms. As it relates to males, the western feminists probably find it sexist. But India seems to love it.

Deppresso coffee

Deppresso is a coffee brand name that aims to highlight its decaffeinate nature, but we’d argue that a lot of consumers got goose-bumps from the cousin of this word – depression. What’s the reason one drinks coffee every morning? To cheer up, make up their sleepy mind and get on track with their day duties. Surely, that association with depression is not going well with your morning coffee.


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