The trends in naming startup companies in the last 10 years are very distinguishable from one another and if you follow the trends of your time, you can easy position your company with a good start because of the name. 2015 is like the post -ify era of names like Spotify, Healthify, Topify and etc.

Now that the -ify era seems to have come to and end, there is a new popular trend rising in the startups’ naming. The regular human names like Clara, Alfred, Oscar, Benny, are going to be more special for people who use the services of companies with the same name. Its almost impossible to find an international human name with .com domain, so the question is what did Clara, Oscar & Co. did? They just added a relevant word to their name and their domain became,,,  instead of the already taken ones,, and

Brand Naming Company Business

It looks like the business is trying to create a reliable alternative to the exact match domain. With the rise of apps and mobile search the confusion with the exact match domains will probably fade away. That’s why the domains from foreign countries are becoming more popular on the other hand.

Why Human Names?

The startup tech companies are mostly selling software that work to replace function that usually are done by humans. Giving this software a name like Clara, Benny or Oscar is for the costumer trust’s sake. In other words, it is a way to add a human touch to the software you’re selling.

If you’re going to launch a startup company and you are worried about the name it should be given, you will have to consider the options of naming it with the name of your best friend, you mom or your first grade teacher. When it comes to the choice of domain name, then things might get harder. In order to be sure that you’ve done everything right with the name of your startup company, you can find the help of professional brand naming company handy.