google Chromebook Pixel launch

Newsflash: Yesterday (21/02/2013) Google announced its latest device from the Chromebook family – the Chromebook Pixel. In case there’s someone who doesn’t know what the Chromebook is – this is Google’s personal computer running on its own operating system – Google Chrome OS. The first Chromebook was launched in June 2011. Basically, the laptops are designed for online usage and support online applications rather than the conventional Adobe or Microsoft Office packages.

I guess it’s not just me that connects the name Chromebook with MacBook, especially after both personal computers are named after the same logic:

OS name + book (from notebook) = personal computer brand name

But let’s leave it to that. We won’t discuss the potential rip-off of MacBook because there are various opinions about the naming, and design of both laptop brands.

new chromebook pixel name explained

The purpose of this article is the naming of the new Google product – Chromebook Pixel. What is a better strategy than to name your product after the main thing that makes it better than other projects? In this case – even better than ALL other products. The pixels. The name is reflecting the high pixel density – 239 ppi. Google is proud of this fact because they claim this is the highest density of any laptop screen. According to the 12.9-inch Pixel is topping even the 13-inch MacBook Pro Retina with its 227 ppi.

new google chromebook pixel name explained

So, the conclusion of this name case is that betting on the top quality of your product is a good naming strategy – one that immediately informs people of why your product is worth buying. In this case – nothing else to be proud of than those 239 pixels per inch.