Chupa chups” is one of the brands that would make every kiddo around the world smile when they hear it. The most popular Spanish lollipop has a very playful name and it’s internationally recognised. At first Enric Bernat, the man who “invented” the so-called “eating sweets on a stick”, wanted to name his lollipops “GOL”, which is a reference to sporting games like football. But later Bernat decided to ask for professional service from advertising agency and they came up with the name “Chups”. It origins from the Spanish verb “chupar” which means “to lick, to suck”.


The “Chupa Chups” actual logo is the work of Salvador Dali

The first radio advertising of the brand sounded with the tune “Chupa, Chupa el Chupa Chups” (Get something sweet to lick, lick, lick, like a Chups!). The catchy jingle proved so successful, that it changed the name of the sweet. Although Bernat choose the name “Chups” for his candy, the market started calling it “Chupa Chups” and finally in 1961 he adopted the actual name “Chupa Chups”.

The naming of “Chupa Chups” turned out to be a long process of evolving, but the brand’s style remained the same through the years. It has become a definitive icon for an internationally popular brand.

The first marketing campaign of the brand went with the slogan “És rodó i dura molt, Chupa Chups” (Translates in English to: “It’s round and long-lasting.“). Later the brand started anti-smoking campaigns with the slogan “Smoke Chupa Chups”. The current anti-smoking slogan of “Chupa chups” is “Stop smoking, start sucking“. These campaigns hardly would have happened with the same efficiency if the brand’s name was different. Clearly the advertising agency of Bernat thought it all and came up with more than a brand name – they came up with a whole background where ideas related with the brand could grow, thrive and eventually attract more consumers.