If we start to deconstruct the meaning of the word “surprise” we will inevitably come to the conclusion that it is almost always used to describe situations when we find out something unexpected. Since we love telling stories about brand naming and the meaning of the words, we love it even more when we write about something you wouldn’t expect to be true at all. Hope you like surprises, cause you’re about to be served one.

Ask yourself when was the first time you heard the word “jacuzzi”? You don’t remember, right? It’s like the word was always there to exist and you’re thinking about it as just another entry in your dictionary? If you get to speculate you may assume that the word’s origins are Italian, because it sounds Italian. And you will be on the right path by assuming so. The history of the name in fact is Italian. In early 20th century there were seven Italian brothers with the surname Jacuzzi. They immigrated to America and specialised in making machines in the field of aviation manufacturing.

Years later one of the brothers lost his life in a plane crash accident.  This event changed the brother’s focus towards making innovative deep well agricultural pumps. As the years went by one of the brothers had arthritis. In order to provide a therapy method for their brother, the Jacuzzis invented a submersible bathtub pump.

Eventually the pump was marketed as a hydrotherapy method that could be adjusted to any bathtub. The idea was an instant hit. A few stars from Hollywoоd tried it right away and gave their recommendations. This event turned the surname Jacuzzi in a synonym for the pump-bathtub brand.

The brand Jacuzzi is alive and breathing today. It’s not a common word with a derivative from the natural roots of а language. It originates from the surname of the brothers who invented the technology of the hot bath tubs with pumps. It grew larger than the brand and became a synonym for a whole generation of hydrotherapy technology.