The naming of an idea is an aspect that should be considered when taking about brand naming. As an internet user you have probably noticed the circulation of the so-called “meme” images around the web. Currently memes are a trendy way to express your emotions, attitude and thoughts in online communication. But they have passed through their own evolution since at first they were used in emails. It’s better to see than to read about memes’ evolution, because it differs from this:


Naming origins of classic meme

to that:

Classic meme naming

The definition

The actual definition of meme is “a picture that combines photographs with text or other visual elements and serves to express an idea, concept or situation” and usually turns into viral content on 1 or more social networks.

The real explanation

However the origin of the word “meme” comes from Ricard Dawkins’ concept in his book “The Selfish Gene”. He proposes the existence of two “information processors” in humans: one acts from the genome with replications of genes and the other acts in the brain, replicating the cultural information received through teaching or simple assimilation. In this case Dawkins named as meme the smallest unit of information that can be transmitted. This means that the “memes” make the mental basis of our culture like genes make up the first base of our life.

The curious part

The curios part is that a common word that everyone uses in their everyday life  has such a scientific origin. Meme is the simplest transmission unit of our culture. This case is a proof that science could be a reliable source of naming ideas. If you’d like the naming of your business to be related to scientific concepts, you’re welcome to ask the Highnames team for advice. So, which memes do you use most? Share you favourite memes in the comments or give your examples of brand names that are based on science.