OS X Maverick marks the beginning of a new naming scheme for Apple. El Capitan is the name of the latest OS update and follows the California landmark-based naming trend of the company. The name is highlighting the meaning of improvements and refinements that the update is bringing to the OS.

What is El Capitan in real world?

El Capitan is a rock formation in Yosemite National Park. Actually it’s one of the most popular landmarks in California. The name choice is following an already established scheme with this kind of updates that are refinements of previous updates.

El Capitan OS naming scheme explained

What is El Capitan in OS X?

The El Capitan updates are improving the OS on two major fields: user experience and performance. The improvements consist to window management, apps, Spotlight search, and additions like Metal graphics technology that is speeding up activities like launching apps, so performance is getting better.

Who originally named the rock formation El Capitan?

The landmark was originally named by a California State Militia unit called Mariposa Bataliton when they explored the site in 1851. El Capitan was the Spanish translation of the name that the local Native Americans had for the cliff. However, still nobody knows if the Native Americans choose this name because they thought that the place is simply “The Captain of the Rocks” or is it because there was a real Captain that existed and they paid a tribute to him.

Today you can hear the formation being referred to simply as “El Cap”. But if you have experience with rock climbing, you probably already know that. ;)

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