BlackBerry is currently one of the most popular smartphone brands in the world. The brand devices are famous for the option to send push emails and instant messages on a high-security level, and also can be used as personal digital assistants, cameras, internet browsers etc. Everyone knows the brand but what’s the name of the company that produces the so-popular smartphones? BlackBerry? Well, since yesterday it is. But what people might not know is that until yesterday the company was called Research In Motion (RIM). However, with  the release of the new BlackBerry 10 the company decided to officially change its name to BlackBerry after the product they are most famous for. The idea was “to put the BlackBerry brand at the centre”.

wireless messaging devices name origin

As for the name origin of the brand BlackBerry there is actually a logical explanation to it. When RIM developed their first what-would-become-an-blackberry wireless messaging product, they hired recognized naming specialists to choose a name for the devices. The guys from Lexicon Branding managed to convince the board of RIM that something electronic to do with “e-mail” as was the idea until then, would not be the best fit for a name. Instead, they played a little association game around the cool messengers. It started out with the usage of the devices – mainly for work, and ended with the appearance. The buttons to the original products resembled some sort of fruit seeds to the naming specialists and they started thinking in that direction. The main coloring of the devices, which was black, determined the outcome – the BlackBerry brand as we know it since 1999.

name change blackberry smartphones

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