Ralev.com – Name case2 min read


The case

Every designer, graphic artist, or any sort of art specialist in that matter, knows that the art of work is what attracts customers and makes them decide whether they can trust and use the services of the company. But when the option of showing your products to people is unavailable the only thing that speaks in your favour is your name.

Ralev.com started as an idea of a young ingenious person, Margarit Ralev, who wanted to develop his skills in the area of graphic design. But a name had to be chosen that would accompany that man’s work from now on. Back in 2004, when the company was created, there were more free option for names and domains, so this was not the main issue. The required name had to work for its owner in a few ways – it had to be easy to remember, sound nice, reflect the person’s identity, be easily adaptable to the expansion of projects in the future (not focused on certain aspect of the work) and more.

The solution

What came as a natural result for this name case was Ralev.com – a company name that the founder sticks to for almost 10 years now. The success behind the name lies in its simplicity – the family name composed of five letters, short and easy to pronounce. In the native language of the owner, the name also strikes with good sound characteristics, with the letter R ringing in your ear as you hear it. The surname, combined with the .com domain suffix, promotes itself as people can easily relate the company name to its website. And the website is the main way to communicate the brand’s graphic design ideas. Of course, the domain name had to be available, and last but not least, it gives the owner of the domain the prestige option to create e-mails such as mark @ ralev.com ( first name @ family name .com ) .

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