I stumble recently upon this post “10 Reasons To Use Your Real Name As Your Twitter @Name” and thought – yes, the man is right. Partially. Actually I liked the most reason #3 : You don’t want to be like a friend of mine whose name was secured by a pornstar w/ the same name.

You can pick any good reason for using your real name, starting with the fact that using real name is always more credible. You can also check the list with the 10 reasons, but most of all I’ll point the fact that it’s always handy to have access to your identity instead of somebody else. Get your name first before somebody with the same or similar name got it. Got it ?

pick your twitter name

keep in mind that there are 2 different "names": a URL nickname ( ralev ) and a personal name ( Margarit Ralev )

The biggest con I see is the fact that you are gonna be followed very easy if you use your real name. Not only by fans, but also by competitors, people from the government … everybody.  Other trivial stuff is that real names are pretty much boring. John Smith, Peter North, Angelina Jolie. Okey, these are not good examples, but hey – not everybody has the name of Margarit Ralev. Besides I’ve only use “ralev” in twitter.

Who knows – may be after a few decades usernames in twitter will be as expensive as the real domain names or the facebook profiles and it will be a good bonus for your child to inherit a profile in twitter with the family name :)