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High Names - International Name Services

The case

It all started when Ralev.com decided to separate the services and concentrate on each division in order to provide better quality and more specialised services. In this case we are talking about a naming agency that is focused in research and SEO in terms of names. So, basically this was our first official name case as HighNames team. The name of this organisation had to rely on the main service provided – the naming process. The problem is that there are many companies around the world with the same idea that have taken what could be considered the best names for this field. Which means that any company with the word “name” or “naming” included in the name would be fairly difficult to promote and establish on the market. So we had to come up with something that does not only imply our area of expertise but also is available in terms of domain.

The solution

The first part was easy – it had to include the word “name”, “naming” or anything similar to this reference. Usually a good name that is easy to remember and leave impression is composed of two words so there was one left to go. The final result includes high – a word that is often present in combination of words in order to dignify them – high class, high standard, high quality, high-end services…it also adds a provocative touch by referring to the youth of the people in charge of companies today, and their lives as teens entering adulthood at certain point. The combines spelling of the two words is used as it gives certain privileges when it comes to SEO – you can check the search results for High names and HighNames yourself if you don’t believe us a single space can make such a difference. If you want to experience the full development of name industry feel free to click here and then compare the results for the same words and see how they changed in two years. The name was also a good starting point for slogans, such as If you want to get high – start with the name.

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October 9, 2012