DarPazar – Brand name invention2 min read

DarPazar Logo Naming Case
The case
During late 2019, we were contacted by a team of people who had worked for more than an year and a half to create an online platform. This was what we named DarPazar – an online platform tailored to social enterprises. We were very excited to work with DarPazar, since we loved the message and idea behind the initiative. Social enterprises would offer their products for sale on the platform, and by doing so improve and popularise their image and message. In turn, visitors of the platform would be able to connect with different causes that they can directly support. The people behind the project are Accenture Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Centre for Not-for-Profit Law (BCNL). They created it as an effort to help gain visibility for various social problems.

Before we began brainstorming names, we had to take into account that the team behind it all had already tried to come up with a name on their own. They had several key words in mind, and presented us with a list of some of the names they had thought of, but didn’t like enough. This was not only incredibly helpful to us, but also demonstrated how sometimes a naming can seem pretty simple in theory, but turn out to be a much more complicated task.

The solution
Taking all of this in mind, the result we had to achieve was clear. Our keywords were the Bulgarian words for “cause”, “gift”, “buy”, “meaning”, “charity”, and “shop”. Of course, in general every name we come up with has to be memorable. But this one needed that even more, since the cause was expected to attract a lot of media attention.
Taking that in mind, we coined “DarPazar” – with “Dar” meaning “Gift” and “Pazar” meaning “Shop”. The name in its native language rhymes, which helps readability and makes it catchy. With that, they campaign launched and their website is currently live – you can visit it here if you want to contribute to a cause you believe in.