Every specialist in every sphere has it’s top methods and approaches. These are something that you know they work, you know they’re more important than many of the other things you usually do, so you prioritize them. At some point you are able to point your TOP 10, right ? It changes, but you can do this.

Well, it’s the same in the naming industry. There are many ruls and we have our favourites… , but it’s really hard to say “this is #1”. The graal of the naming ? Probably. As every great tip – it’s a simple one :

Search Google.

What ? That’s your tip ?! No way. Actually this is my tip, but the next move is crucial. What are you gonna do with the information ? How are you gonna search ? What are you gonna search for. The thing is that google will be the most useful information tool at least 1 more decade. So, if I were you – my second tip ( the real one with the small letters ) is: “Search in Google and see how many results are there for your name. If you have millions of search results – that’s probably the worst name for your business. Try to be unique in terms of shortness, spelling and listening.” This may sound trivial, but the problem will multiply with every single marketing material you try to distribute out there… Starting with the most important one – the name of your company site.

simple not very common word / phrase with just a few thousand results

two different common words with a lot of results

the name of the specific service or product will give you too much results - over 800 mill ?!

More inside information – in our next posts. Thanks for reading.