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HighNames Name case - Small Foot snowshoes

The case

Some cool people came up with the idea of small inflatable snow-shoes that all fans of the winter sports and mountain lovers can use. Each name case is specific so attention must be paid to the details. The best advantage is their compact size and practicality so we had to focus on this. Since the product is targeted to be sold in preparation for the winter season, the name had to, if possible, reflect the snowy character of the inflatable shoes.

The solution

People who love spending time in the mountains during the cold season are generally known to be cheerful and have an open mind for things, such as mystical creatures and spooky stories, no matter their personal belief. Combine this with the loved-by-everyone stories about the Himalayan cryptid Yeti, a.k.a. Big Foot and you can see where this is going. The compact size of the snow-shoes was second piece of the puzzle that led us to the friendly name Small Foot. Incorporating a pine tree shaped to replace the letter A in the name logo additionally reflects the wintery nature of the products. You can check more info about these useful gadgets here, and if interested in the product branding afterwards – visit

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October 12, 2012