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The case

Coming up with a name for a game is very hard, but coming up with a name for a revolutionary board game system that has no equivalent is even harder. We were met with such a challenge thanks to a project of outlining a board game that you can use to play pretty much everything you want. This would later become known as “Gemji”. This, of course, meant that we had to come up with an equally strong and memorable name.

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The solution
To tackle the complexity of this board game system we gave it a name that derives its meaning from several ideas. First, let’s start with the simplest one, which is “GAME”. Of course, this is a direct reference to the nature of the product itself. But things get interesting when the final “E” in the word is omitted. Now instead of simply a game, the name refers to a “GEM” as well – a precious stone, and often sought out treasure, which was our second idea.

The third idea that we wanted present in the naming of “Gemji” is the one that contributed the most to its uniqueness – we added the “ji” suffix as a reference to one particularly famous and dangerous fictional board game. This also helped create a name with a foreign sound, which perfectly tied with the lore of the game. Which you can and should read over at Gemji’s website, where you can also find out how the game system works. secured a 5 letter .com domain name for this project for free, thus improving significantly the return on the naming investment.


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January 23, 2020