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HeyRaw - logo name case
The case

What is the perfect snack for people who are in a hurry, but strive to live healthy? The answer is easily a vegan, 100% bio bar that can fit in your pocket. We were super enthusiastic to come up with the name HeyRaw for these super healthy gluten-free bars made of dried fruits and nuts. When the team behind the product approached us, they had a specific goal in mind – the Eastern European market. This was an important factor to consider, because it meant the name had to be easily understandable in multiple languages, and convey the same exact emotion.

HeyRaw - package name case

The solution

Hey! What is the most famous international exclamation for attracting attention? We combined the universal word “hey” and the descriptive one “raw” to give the name an emotional charge. It is like a greeting to the user as it sounds positive, welcoming, fun and friendly. HewRaw is catchy – easily attracts attention and thanks to the rhythm it contains, it is easily remembered. HeyRaw is the hero of the day who charges you with extra energy. The popular sounding of the name implies a great variety of possibilities for future campaigns.

For this project, HighNames secured an available 6-letter “.com” domain name: HeyRaw.com

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January 21, 2020