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Crossfit Serdika - Logo name case
The case

The mission of CrossFit Serdika is to help people get and feel better by training them safely using a CrossFit methodology. The gym promotes a healthier lifestyle that makes people feel better. Their location at downtown gives them a big advantage – with its numerous transport connections their gym can be people’s first stop on the way to work, a breath of freshness in the lunch break, or the relaxation after the long working day. So a top gym at a top location needed an equally strong name.

The solution

The philosophy of CrossFit trainings is that training together always makes you better. Their clients are community, which have a common spirit that arise when group of people do the workouts and achieve goals together. So we decided to use a toponym for the name – the name of our city “Sofia” (the capital of Bulgaria) not only indicates the location of the service, but is also a metaphor for inclusion, for joining the “club”. After that, CrossFit Sofia was improved to CrossFit Serdika – the ancient name of Sofia, which emphasized the central location of the gym. So now the name fits perfectly the slogan of the club “CrossFit in the heart of Sofia!”.


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January 20, 2020