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Naberini - Logo name case
The case
The Naberini brand produces a high-quality freshly squeezed and undiluted juice. Their products are made from pure fruit – gently pasteurized, without the addition of sugar, sweeteners, colorants, preservatives, flavors and other stabilizers. Their clients are connoisseurs of nutritional quality, taste and aroma of the products they consume – young, dynamic and modern people who seek a healthy lifestyle. The product is ideal for children as well because they should only consume natural products without chemical additives.

Naturally (pun intended), when we first started working with the brand, they had no recognisable name at all. With that in mind, we tried to figure it out name that is friendly, easy to remember and focused on the natural origin of the products.


The solution

The name “Naberini” is the Latin spelling of the Bulgarian phrase meaning “Pick us up”. On the one hand, it reminds of berry fruit and references the natural origin of the products – the cultivation, picking and processing of fruit – directly picked up and drained, without any additives. On the other hand, the name is like a message to the consumers to “pick up” just this particular product. This also makes further marketing easy, with possible slogans such as “Pick up your health!” or “Pick up the taste”. The name is also melodic and sounds friendly, it stands out, attracts customers attention and is easy to remember. If you want to find out more about their products, as well as check out the additional branding we did – you can visit the Naberini website.

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January 17, 2020