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134 - logo name case
The case

The Bulgarian top model Kristina Nesterova was preparing to launch her own fashion label. She reached out to us to come up with the name “134 design” and its accompanying branding.

Building a fashion brand requires more time and attention due to the crowded nature of the market. Additionally, our client was seeking a brand name idea that is easily recognisable and that stands out, is simple, elegant, and represents the style of the clothes themselves.

The solution

Fashion brands tend to represent the personality and nature of the designer. In our case the designer was a woman, and her brand was intended for other women. Naturally, the female nature was our inspiration and first starting point.

We also knew since the beginning of this project that we would also make the logo of the brand. This gave us a huge advantage, because we could form more concrete ideas on how the name would look, not only sound, in its final form. And of course, a suitable logo supports and enhances the name, making it more memorable and easy to recall.

So we came up with the name “134”, which has a semantic reference to the visual presence of the brand and the logo. It symbolizes different things through the forms of numbers. The number “1” represents a neutral state, peace and harmony, confidence. The “3” shape is curved, reminding of the soft side of a woman. Finally, the “4” shape is made up of several sharp turns, which symbolize the determined, strong side of a woman’s character. The result is perfect symbiosis between name and visual presence.

134 - branding name case

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January 16, 2020