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The Case

What happens when you combine the atmosphere of a charming restaurant with the one of a friendly, modern bar? The team that reached us got the perfect answer for that question – their new restaurant that later got the name Barossa! Their perfect vision of what the brand needs to convey, made working on this project a real pleasure.


The Solution

The main purpose was the name to perfectly remind not only of a restaurant, but a restaurant with a bar! Apart from this, it had to put people in a good mood and be a promise for a great experience.

Concentrating on the client’s main requirement, we thought it was a good idea for the name to include “Bar”. We combined it with the Italian word ”Rosso”, meaning “Red” – a colour that is know to provoke appetite. It is also associated with wine and other alcoholic beverages. The final result – Barossa! Certainly is right on target!

An interesting fact that we came across while making our research is that “Barossa” is the name of one of Australia’s oldest and most premier wine regions. Except that this fact contributes to conveying the essence of the brand itself, it also helped us to bring additional value to the name.

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January 24, 2019