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FitOut - name case


The Case
When we first met FitOut, a new activewear brand, they were in the search for an identity and a straightforward modern name to help them appropriately start their new business.
Their biggest advantages are the comfort as well as the usage of high quality materials. These are things that surely appeal to every true athlete.
The Solution
In the search for a name we had a few main things in mind. We needed a name that attracts young dynamic people, that reminds of comfort, adaption, and moreover has a contemporary feel. It was also necessary to have a strong immediate association with the brand itself. Those things led us to the idea of using the word “Fit” – a word with positive connotation that is commonly used to express thoughts about adaption and staying active. All of these are qualities which are associated with sport activities. The final result includes “Out” – as a suffix it adds uniqueness to the name and at same time keeps it’s natural sound because it is a commonly used word. These two words combined together form the catchy modern name – FitOut. Related Articles
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January 17, 2018