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Coffero Coffee Roasters


The case

Our story with Coffero started in 2015, when a Bulgarian team in need of a name and identity for their upcoming coffee roasters product approached us. The company planned to expand with multiple physical locations. Their unique roaster machine was going to be the centrepiece of these coffee shops. Therefore, we needed to find a name that was able to stand out and signify the premium brand, yet have an easy enough pronunciation to be remembered. Of course, it was also necessary to have a strong immediate association with the product itself.

The solution

When we considered different naming options, we knew that we had to think of a name that had an available domain. This was pretty tricky since we wanted to come up with a short, catchy name. The name “Coffero” has a traditional sound, which guarantees the easily association with the brand’s character. It combines the words “coffee” and “roast” in a clever way, and in doing so references the roast technology the brand accommodates.

You can check out Coffero’s coffee blends on their website, where you can find the locations of their shops. For more info about the visual identity of the brand, you can visit
Coffero Coffee Roasters in Paradise Mall
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January 23, 2020