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The Name Case

Inventing a short advertising name for an international startup is one of the hardest projects the team has done.  The name needed to be: descriptive, easy to type on a keyboard, compatible with the short space on the online banners and having some “Wifi” reference. Oh, and a free “.com” domain needed to be secured. Which made the task next to impossible. But Highnames did it twice in 2015 & 2016.

The Solution

Actually the first name that was invented was ““. A real premium 4 letter domain name. For free. It took about 2 weeks of constant work and research to find it. The company adopted it and with it pitched for funding in the UK.
A year later – a more distinctive and original name was needed, something that will stay on top of the lists of all the advertising agencies, something starting with the letter “A”. Again – it was crucial to have a sexy free “.com” domain name, so after another few weeks of intensive checks and comparisons – “Advifi – Advertising via Wifi” was born and the 5-letter domain name was bought for next to nothing. is an advertising platform on top of the existing free Wifi, that helps venues cut the cost of the internet and even earn some extra additional cash. Visit the site if you know someone owning a physical chain with a lot of footfall, who wants to monetize their Wifi connection.


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January 25, 2020