Today’s article is going to be about Pampers – a brand with a fresh idea which changed people’s lives. I should probably say that I got the inspiration about this particular brand because of my cute 9-months-old niece. The whole thing started back in 1961 as Procter & Gamble announced their new brand. We are all familiar with the most popular product of the Pampers brand which led to the “evolution” from cloth diapers to more useful, disposable diapers. But how did Pampers originate?


The disposable diapers were created in order to make parents’ life easier and get rid of the annoying cloths. The idea for this product actually came up from one of Procter & Gamble’s researchers – Vic Mills. He had a grandchild and was getting tired of the constant changing of the cloth diapers. He and a couple of other researchers came up with the new, better disposable diaper. This is how the famous diapers were created – a story which can easily be found on the internet.

However, this is not the case with the naming of the brand. I decided to spend some time looking up on the net to find the name origin of Pampers. And I couldn’t find an article or anything. So this is where I am going to put my opinion forward and suggest that the key to the answer lies in the English language. Many brands are named based on simple ideas. And my assumption of the Pampers brand name is that the name simply describes the qualities of the modern disposable diaper. According to Longman dictionary to pamper means:

pamper [transitive]

to look after someone very kindly, for example by giving them
the things that they want and making them feel warm and comfortable:

e.g. She spent her childhood as the pampered daughter of a wealthy family.

So basically, is means to feel comfortable, to be spoiled. And this is exactly what Pampers is – a comfortable diaper which spoils both the baby and the people taking care of it.