Holidays are approaching (at least in most countries) and everyone’s rushing to buy presents for their friends and loved ones. Although shopping in person gives a sense of content and makes people happy, the well-known retail therapy, Christmas shopping can be extremely stressful. This is due to the enormous amount of people rushing to buy gifts, especially in the last minute. This is why a lot of people shop online in order to avoid this craziness. And the repetitive Christmas anthems in the shopping centres as well.

Amazon and eBay are two biggest online retailer websites where you can find anything – and I mean anything. But have you thought about why Amazon and eBay are named this way?



amazon online shop naming

The CEO of the world’s largest multinational electronic commerce company is Jeff Bezos. He founded the company, then called Cadabra, back in 1994 as an online bookstore. As he hoped this online retailer for books to grow bigger, he decided to change the company’s name to Amazon. It is obvious that it is named after one of the biggest rivers in the world, but he also aimed at a name that starts with one of the first letters of the alphabet so that the website could appear early in alphabetically ordered lists. And what better than the letter A?



ebay online shop naming

The website was initially created in order to be an online auction portal. However, back in 1995 it was called AuctionWeb and the project was part of a larger website, owned by the founder Pierre Omidyar. After the website went viral and online auctioning became a trend, he decided to change the name of the site. He wanted to register the website by the name of his consulting firm, Echo Bay Technology Group, but the domain name was already taken. As a good domain name is crucial for an online action website, he decided to shorten the name to