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The case
Valways is a tourist service based in Cape Town, South Africa, that needed a catchy, personalised name in order to kickstart their business. As a small but dedicated company, the Valways and the people behind needed to establish a strong base to build upon. This is how we came to work together, but back then, their team didn’t have a brand name – just plenty of dreams and ambitions. We wanted to be the key in realising them.
The solution
To create the best sounding and most meaningful name for this tourist service, we needed to answer several requirements. The name had to be personal (to reflect the personal approach of the team), as well as catchy (to stand out in the competition as a small company). It had to sound international enough because of the nature of their work. We were also looking for a really clever play on words. This is how we came up with “Valways” – which has a hidden meaning beyond the obvious. Most apparent is the word “always”, which is used as a reference to the reliability of the service. On a deeper level, the name is a blend word of “ways” (as in “path”, “road”), and “Val”, which is the nickname of the company’s owner. That unique solution allowed us to secure a .com domain, and opened a variety of opportunities for catchy mottos – such as “You VALways get excellent value for your money”. The name also conveys the idea that you, the customer, will always find your way with Valways.
This team trusted us way back in 2011, and today, many years later, they are still a successful business operating in Cape Town, and have a number of extremely satisfied customers. If you ever find yourself in that part of the world, check out Valways’s website.
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February 13, 2013