RAZ.bg – Service name invention1 min read

The case

The new e-commerce platform RAZ.bg needed a name for its domain and service. The platform makes it possible to create your own online store in just a few minutes. The system is simple and can be used by just about anyone looking to sell on the Internet. It allows you to process orders with a click and get sales around the clock. The e-commerce platform was about to be available for the Bulgarian market predominantly. This meant that we were able to expand our options with shorter brand name suggestions while ensuring that there would be a free .bg domain.

The solution

To tackle this case, we asked ourselves – when it comes to online shops what is the most important thing? It is the speed and ease of selling or buying a product; the idea of shopping in a split second, in a flash! This is the meaning of the Bulgarian idiomatic expression “От раз” (“ot raz”). So we decided to use it for the name of the platform. “Ot raz” means to make something right away, in a heartbeat, quick and easy, without any problem.  The word “raz” is short and simple, corresponding to the platform that is extremely fast and easy to work with. “Raz” is easy to remember as it sounds clear and sharp. And the best part – we secured a three-letter .bg domain for it. And this is how “RAZ.bg” naturally became the service name itself. If you need an easy to handle online store, go check this e-commerce platform from here: RAZ.bg.