Let’s get back on that car topic. One may think brand names stick to the product forever when it comes to such big products as cars. But Nissan decided to go for a small naming strategy change…or maybe not so small.

Infiniti models naming strategy change

Infiniti is Nissan’s luxury car brand division, dated all the way back to 1989 (not so old if you think about it actually). However, the company recently decided to diversity things by changing all their model names from 2014 onwards. The new naming strategy will divide the models between Q and QX, following a number. The Q-series will be adopted by their sedans and coupes, whereas the crossovers and SUVs will carry the letters QX. The number system is no longer going to suggest the car’s engine displacement, but will suggest the hierarchical position of the model amongst the rest of them. This mean the bigger the number, the more prestigious the model is going to be.

Examples include turning the G-series to Q50, and the M-series to Q70. The smallest of the crossovers (known as EX) will be renamed to QX50, and the Luxury SUV known as QX, will be called QX80.

There are plenty suggestions about why this radical step is being taken, but the Infiniti President defended the decision by pointing out that the current naming system is confusing for the customers. The system used now is showing the engine displacement, but lacks to inform about other important aspects of the models. Therefore, a hierarchical approach is going to be conceived.