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A is for Alphabet, G is for Google and D is for “Don’t Do That”

08.12.15 Posted in Naming blog by

The Monday of August 10th was marked by the name change of Google company. The change is a matter of restructure. Google Company is now Alphabet, but the name of the search engine remains the same, so the phrase “Google it” is going to stay legit. However, the case with the name change of Google […]

Origin of The “Hello” Phone Greeting and Its Use in Brand Naming

07.14.15 Posted in Naming blog by

Have you ever wondered where does the evergreen greeting “Hello” comes from? You did, but you probably didn’t care enough to check. So lets investigate with the information we have: “Hello” was probably born somewhere around 1800s. Its origin comes from “Hallo” – a word used to incite hunting dogs. The moment when the use […]

Of Popular Movies and Brand Renaming

06.09.15 Posted in Naming blog by

Do you know what is the first name of Best Buy? Hint: It’s not Best Buy. Actually the company was named after on of the favorite movies of the 60s. Have you ever watched The Sound of Music? Yeah, the same movie that was awarded with Oscar 50 years ago. Sound of Music was the […]

The Success of Irrelevant Brand Naming

05.22.15 Posted in Naming blog by

Why on Earth would someone name his brand “Bitch” or “Bastard”? That’s probably the first thing most of the people would wonder, when they hear about the rude name of a certain brand that contains such words. The wine brands Royal Bitch, Happy Bitch, Sweet Bitch, Jealous Bitch are some of the labels that paved […]

The curios fail of naming the Ford Motor’s E-car model

05.21.15 Posted in Naming blog by

It’s interesting to dive back in time to see who the corporations have turned to for the naming of their products and services, to see who was responsible for naming fails and who approached this process in unconventional way. It was not always advertising agencies the ones who toke the job. Let’s take for example […]

Where does the “meme” name origins from?

04.09.15 Posted in Naming blog by

The naming of an idea is another aspect that should be considered when we talk about brand naming. As an internet user you probably noticed the circulation of the so-called “meme” images around the web. Currently the memes are a trendy way to express your emotions, attitude and thoughts in online communication. But they passed through their […]

Why the naming with numbers is a double-edged sword?

04.08.15 Posted in Naming blog by

A lot of famous brands have numbers in their names. Some of them even start with such: 21st Century Fox 7Up 7 Eleven 3M The aforementioned are a great example of brands that are remembered even though they are with numbers in their names. However, most of  the brand names that are based on numbers […]

Naming that got lost in translation – Part 3

03.13.15 Posted in Naming blog by

Moving on with our Lost in translation series made us realize that the car naming is a whole science. Some countries accept the brand’s name, other don’t. The significance of Skoda’s name is one of the remarkable cases, since the issue is with the brand’s name at all, not just with a specific car model. […]

Brief history of Chupa Chups’ naming

02.23.15 Posted in Naming blog by

“Chupa chups” is one of the brands that would make every kiddo around the world smile when hears it. The most popular Spanish lollipop has very playful name and it’s worldly recognized. At first Enric Bernat, the inventor of the eating of “sweet with a fork” wanted to name his lollipops “GOL”, which is a reference […]

“Vodafone” naming origin

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Vodafone is perhaps one of the most valuable brands in UK and the 16th most valuable brand in the world according to 2014 Brand Finance Global 500. It would be interesting to go back 30 years from now when the Vodafone Telecommunication Service was announced for the first time and the major share of the […]